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Biting in a dream

The bite is love, even if it is from the teeth of a dog, and the pinch is hatred, even if it is from silver nails, as the Arabs say, and accordingly, the bite in the dream is love, and the bite may indicate admonition, and it may indicate adherence to the bitten one,
and the bite in a dream may be regret or it may be anger, and God Almighty knows best.

Interpretation of biting and biting in a dream by Ibn Sirin and Nabulsi

Ibn Sirin, in his interpretation of seeing a bite in a dream, says that a bite in a dream may indicate great love for the bitten person,
whether the biter is a human or someone else unless it is a bite from snakes, scorpions, or some animals.

And biting, if there was blood with him in the dream, then it is forbidden love, and biting in a dream may indicate intrigue and malice,
and biting the finger in a dream according to Ibn Sirin’s interpretation is a risk in religion, and God knows best.

And Sheikh Al-Nabulsi says that the bite in a dream may be a calamity or an ordeal, and whoever says I bite myself in a dream is a dimpled man,
and the bite in a dream may indicate joy and pleasure at the beginning, but the bitten one gets something from ophthalmia and heartache, and the bite with blood is a sin with an ordeal.

As for biting on the fingers in a dream, this indicates hatred and malice in the heart, according to the Almighty’s saying in Surat Al-Imran ((Bite your fingertips out of anger)), and biting on the fingers in a dream may be a sign of remorse for those who know that they have wronged others,
and that is due to the Almighty’s saying in Surat Al-Furqan ((And the day the wrongdoer will bite his hands)).

Interpretation of biting in a dream

Whoever sees that he is biting himself in a dream is selfish and encroaching on the rights of others.

As for seeing the bite from an unknown person in a dream, it indicates the envy and jealousy of the biter, and the painful bite in a dream is evidence of anger.

If the bite left a mark or seeing the mark of the bite in a dream, then this is a reproach from a brother or a friend, and whoever sees blood oozing from the bite, then he regrets what has passed,
and whoever has his teeth hurt because he was bitten by someone else in a dream, then he is rebuked until the reproach makes his shadow heavy and turns away from him.

As for seeing the dead bite in a dream; If the living were biting the dead in the dream, then he clings to his approach and walks in his footsteps.

As for the living dead biting in the vision, this is evidence of adherence to rights and lack of flexibility.

And whoever bites someone else in a dream is a slanderer who blames others and forgets his faults.

As for the bite as a joke, then it is love, and whoever bites his wife loves her, even if he is outwardly hard on her,
but he does not oppress her, and whoever bites one of his parents clings to their righteousness.

Seeing a bite in a dream is for the rich, his joy with his money and his dependence on it, and for the poor, the pain of hunger and need, and the bite for the merchant in the dream is the envy of the merchants,
and for the bachelor his love of life and his desire for it and his joy in his youth.

The biting in the dream of the farmer may be a bite from the vermin of the earth, and for the believer, he reproaches himself for his failure to take preference,
and for the little faith he receives advice and guidance from others, and for the prisoner the sympathy of the warden with him, and for the patient his adaptation to his illness.

Interpretation of a bite by hand, cheek, etc. in a dream

The interpretation of the bite from the cheek in a dream is regret for a relationship that may be forbidden, and as for biting from the nose,
it is regret for a situation in which there is humiliation and submissiveness, while the bite from the hand in a dream indicates a reproach from a lover.

And the bite from the neck in a dream is love, and from the shoulder sticking to the approach, and the bite in the foot indicates stability in place.

As for seeing the biting from the thigh, it indicates a reproach from a partner or a reinforcement from the clan, and biting in the back is a surgical procedure.

And whoever bites his fingers or someone else’s fingers in a dream, then has hatred, envy, and malice, according to the Almighty’s saying in Surat Al-Imran ((Bite your fingertips out of anger)), and whoever bites his fingers regrets where regret is of no use and where there is no room for reform.

Animal bite in a dream

A person biting an animal is a person’s adherence to his desires and his pleasure in them, and the animal’s bite in a dream if it was harmful and if it left a mark or the seer bled,
then it is the bite of life and interest in this world at the expense of the hereafter and joy in it. until he loses his life.

The bite of a dog in a dream is keeping up with foolish people, and the bite of lions and beasts is to delve into the world without deterrent limits or prohibitive laws,
and seeing a mouse bite in a dream indicates intercourse with an immoral woman.

A coward and the reptile’s bite is a reproach for visiting relatives and neighbors, and God Almighty knows best.

Seeing biting and biting in a dream for a woman

Seeing a bite in a dream for a woman, in general, indicates giving and receiving, indicates surgical intervention, and may indicate backbiting.

Seeing the bite in a dream for single women, if she bites herself, then she blames herself for her shortcomings against her family,
and if she is married against the rights of her children, and if the widow bites herself and has children,
she regrets the punishment of her children, and this vision of the divorced woman is regret for the actions that caused her divorce, and God knows best

And seeing the husband biting in a dream for the woman, she is pampering him to get what she wants, and as for the one who saw her husband biting her, he clings to her, and if the divorced woman sees that, it may indicate her husband’s return to her,
and seeing the widow biting her late husband or biting her indicates the presence of beautiful memories that strengthen her and give her patience.

It indicates the fulfillment of the covenant.

And biting the face in a dream for a woman indicates a low nature and meanness of the soul.

As for whoever sees that she is biting a dead person in a dream, she clings to the world and the world of fashion and fashion. This premise.

And whoever sees that she bleeds from the bite, then this is guilt, remorse, and jealousy, and whoever sees an unknown person biting her, then that is her jealousy and envy, and seeing biting fingers in a dream for a woman is regret for situations that are not enviable.

As for the bite from sensitive places in a dream, the single woman has her period, and the married woman has medical intervention, and this vision of the pregnant woman has the stability and strength of her pregnancy, God willing, and the widow or divorcee has their lust, and God knows best.


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