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Bathing in a dream

الاستحمام في المنام

Bathing in a dream has many entrances to interpretation, and it is not surprising that the interpretation of seeing a shower in a dream differs between our current era and the era of Ibn Sirin and Nabulsi, because of the difference in the concept of baths and showers between the two eras.

Interpretation of seeing a shower in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that bathing in a dream for a sick person indicates recovery and salvation, except for one who sees that he is taking a bath.

And wears white and he is not accustomed to that, and then rides a strange vehicle, which indicates death, washing, shrouding, and coffin.

And whoever sees himself in the bathroom stripped of his clothes, and then the interpretation is about the affairs of his wife and from the side of her family.

As for whoever sees that he is in the bathroom with his clothes, the interpretation is on taboo women such as a mother, daughter, sister, or a foreign woman.

And the interpretation is based on what the sleeper sees in the bathroom of good and evil.

Bathing and showering in a dream denote the relatives of the seer.

If the bath is pleasant and moderate, it indicates the approval of his relatives, and if it is cold, it indicates their estrangement.

As for the very hot bath in a dream, it indicates the harshness of the relatives, and seeing an unknown woman bathing in a dream indicates rain and rain.

Whoever takes a shower in a dream, his affairs are going well, and he will have happiness and sustenance according to his destiny.

seeing a shower in a dream by Al-Nabulsi

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi says that bathing in a dream if the water is not appropriate, then it increases sickness and anxiety, and whoever cleans himself in the bathroom will gain knowledge and healing.

Seeing bathing in clothes in a dream indicates infatuation with an adulterous woman who spoils the dreamer’s religion and worldly life.

Bathing in a dream denotes repentance, purity, growth, and healing, and taking a bath in a dream is repentance and a return to the truth.

Bathing in the house or the familiar bathroom is chastity and purity.

As for bathing in the familiar bathroom that people frequent in a group, it is evil and indicates that the seer treats with what harms him and does not benefit him.

And whoever sees that he is bathing in front of people naked, then he publicly repents of a sin he commits, and seeing a bath in a river or a waterwheel in a dream is a return to common sense.

As for seeing bathing in mud and mud in a dream, indulging in lusts and corruption, and bathing in blood indicates forbidden money.

Bathing for a wedding in a dream is joy and happiness, as the vision of a shower in a dream for the poor indicates known sustenance, and for the rich to give zakat on his money.

And for the prisoner, there is a relief for him, God willing, and bathing the sick in a dream will be cured, and bathing the believer in a dream renewing his covenant with God and committing to forgiveness, and seeing the shower for the sinner is repentance.

And a return to the truth and God knows best, and whoever sees that he is washing from impurity in a dream, his repentance, and purity.

Bathing in cold water and hot water in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that seeing a shower with cold water in a dream if it is in the winter may indicate worries and distress, and on the contrary.

Whoever sees that he washes with hot water in the winter indicates profits and recovery from diseases, and washing with hot water in a dream may indicate worries and affliction. As far as the water temperature.

Bathing with hot water in a dream if the seer was on a journey that disrupted his travel, and if he intended a need from a person who did not fulfill it for him, and drinking from the bathroom water in a dream if it was hot, then it indicates worries and anguish and indicates illness and panic as hot as it is, according to Ibn Sirin.

And seeing a bath with cold water in a dream is a cure for the apparent skin diseases, because of the Almighty’s saying: “This is a cold bather and drinker.”

And bathing in lukewarm water in a dream is purification and repentance. Water for bathing initiates the intention to repent.

Washing in a dream

Bathing from impurity in a dream, according to Ibn Sirin, if it was with pure water, then indicates performing duties such as honouring parents, and washing from impurity in a dream is evidence of repentance, as well as washing for Friday prayer.

Taking a bath in a dream if it is for a feast, then this is a marriage for a bachelor, and if he takes a bath in a dream if he is an unbeliever, he becomes Muslim, and if he is sick, he will be cured, and if he is insane, his mind will return.

As for washing in a dream to enter the Great Mosque of Mecca, this indicates the payment of debts and the meeting with the absent, and the same is the case with every washing of the rituals of Hajj, and washing for circumambulation in the dream indicates the pursuit of livelihood, and washing for throwing is a victory over the enemies.

Bathing in a dream is an overwhelming good. For the story of Job, peace is upon him, and for the saying of the Highest: ((Run with your foot, this is bathed in cool water and the drink)). So, taking a bath in a dream for the one who sees that he is wearing new clothes, then he is healed for the sick, and the distressed one is a relief, and for the prisoner is deliverance, God is isolated, and whoever is in trouble is God’s victory.

As for the one who sees that he is taking a bath and wears worn-out clothes in a dream, then his worries will go away from him and his poverty will remain.

Whoever saw someone else bathing in a dream?

Whoever sees someone else taking a bath in a dream generally witnesses the repentance or Islam of an unbeliever, and whoever eavesdrops on someone else while he is bathing in a dream, is following people’s faults and mistakes and defaming them.

Seeing people bathing in the street is a ritual prayer, a celebration of a birthday, or a supplication after the Eid prayer.

Whoever sees his wife in a dream taking a bath, then she is purified from her menstruation or postpartum bleeding.

And whoever sees one of his parents in a dream taking a shower, he will get rid of his worldly affairs, such as paying off his debts, asking permission from people, or performing Hajj.

As for seeing an unknown dead person bathing in a dream, it denotes the funeral prayer for the absent.

Bathing the dead in a dream, if it is known, is the funeral prayer, with the imam asking if the dead person has a debt to be paid on his behalf before the prayer.

And seeing a bath with a stranger in a dream means that he shares a supplication with him, and bathing in a dream with a person whose repentance and kinship are known, and God knows best.

Interpretation of a bath and a shower in a dream for a woman

Bathing a woman in a dream indicates her purity from menstruation, postpartum, or impurity, indicates her repentance and return to God, and displays her femininity and commitment to the tasks that God has entrusted to her.

And whoever sees that she is bathing with a known stranger in a dream for a single woman in marriage, and others it may be a joint supplication or partnership, and bathing with an unknown person in a dream is insurance in supplication for her.

Seeing a shower in front of people in a dream for a woman is her chastity and purity, and seeing people bathing in the street is a combined supplication as a prayer Feast or rain.

And whoever sees that she is bathing with a dead person in a dream, she is giving charity to herself and praying for people to be good, and seeing the dead bathing in a dream means that someone pays off his debts and permits him from the people.

As for the one who sees that she is protecting her husband or one of her sons in a dream, she is justifying them and performing her duties towards them, and seeing the ablution from menstruation or impurity in a dream is repentance and repentance to God.

Bathing in clothes wards off spoiling it.

Bathing in cold water in a dream indicates healing of the chest from visible lesions such as jealousy, discord, and conflict.

And bathing in hot water in a dream suppresses jealousy.


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