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Animals in the dream

الحيوانات في المنام

Seeing strange animals in a dream has a lot of different connotations, and the meanings of dreams vary according to the vision behind them, and also differ in terms of studies and jurisprudence of many famous dream interpreters such as Ibn Sirin and Al-Nabulsi, so we offer you the interpretation of seeing strange animals in a dream.

Seeing strange animals in a dream

The interpretation of seeing strange animals in a dream varies from one jurist to another, and according to each one of the dream interpretation scholars, it can be clarified:

The interpretation of Ibn Sirin

  • Ibn Sirin believes that seeing animals with colors and sounds that are different from what they are in reality indicates happy or sad events depending on the color and sound of the animal.
  • If the color of the animal is yellow in a dream, then this is evidence of the approaching disease, but if it is red, it means the imminence of marriage for the single young man.
  • If the sound of the animal is disturbing in the vision, this means that the visionary hears news that brings him sadness, but if the sound of the animal in the dream is pleasant to the person, this indicates that he will soon hear the happy news that makes him happy.

Interpretation of Ibn Kathir

  • Ibn Kathir believes that the animal’s strange behavior in the dream is evidence that the owner of the dream is surrounded by enemies who may cause him harm.
  • Seeing a pet in a dream, but in fact, it is a ferocious animal, evidence of reconciliation between the owner of the vision and his enemies, in addition to getting rid of problems.

Interpretation of Imam Nabulsi

  • Imam Al-Nabulsi believes that seeing strange animals in the dreamer’s house is evidence that this person is surrounded by hypocrites whose number is the number of animals he saw.
  • Al-Nabulsi also explains the dream of a predatory animal, which is, in fact, a pet, due to the many sins and sins committed by the owner of the vision at that time, and it serves as a warning to him to refrain from doing these actions.

The interpretation of Ibn Shaheen

  • Ibn Shaheen interprets seeing strange animals in a dream, as the owner of the vision spends large sums of money in the wrong place.
  • He also sees that animals doing strange behavior in a dream is evidence of sudden events occurring for the owner of the dream that could be joyful or cause sadness.

Interpretation of Imam Al-Aseedi

  • Imam Al-Aseedi believes that seeing animals that are strange in a dream often indicates the psychological state of the owner of the vision. If the animal is ferocious, this is evidence of some problems that the owner of the dream is going through at that time.
  • Seeing a flying dog in a dream indicates that the dream owner’s goals and dreams will be soon achieved.
  • As for seeing a flying cat, it indicates a person’s liberation from worries and sorrows.
  • If the animal in the dream lays eggs and is one of the animals that give birth, then this is evidence that the person with the vision will reap the fruits of his toil and misery by obtaining a lot of money.

Seeing strange animals in a dream for a pregnant woman

  • Seeing the pregnant woman of strange animals that are strong in the dream, indicates that she will have a male baby, but if these animals are weak and intimate, then she will have a female baby and Allah knows best.
  • Seeing a strange animal chasing a pregnant woman in a dream indicates her fear of childbirth and the pain she will be exposed to. If the visionary manages to escape from this animal, it means her arrival to safety, which is full of stability and joy.

Seeing strange animals in a dream for a married woman

If a married woman sees a strange animal catching up with her in a dream, this indicates that there are family and familial problems for the owner of the vision that disturb her peace.

Seeing strange animals in a dream for a single girl

The girl seeing strange animals chasing her in the dream is evidence that she is forced to marry a person she does not want.

Seeing strange animals in a dream for a man

  • Seeing a cat laying eggs in a dream is evidence that the owner of the dream will obtain sustenance and money without making an effort to do so.
  • Seeing the cow flying in the dream, is evidence that this year is blessed for the owner of the dream, and there will be many successes and achievement of goals, but if the cow in the dream is green or blue, this is evidence of blessing and the arrival of good for the person.
  • Seeing a snake in the form of a pet in a dream while petting its young, is evidence of the discoloration of an enemy in the form of a friend or an ally, and a person should pay attention to the people trying to get close to him.
  • If a man sees that the ferocious animals have turned into nice and friendly ones, then this indicates that one of the sons of the visionary will attain a high position in society.
  • A man seeing a very short giraffe in his house in a dream, indicates that his wife is righteous, obeys her husband, and works on his comfort and care.
  • If he sees dangerous animals flying in the dream, this indicates the demise of the grief for the owner of the dream.
  • If he sees the creeping animals become flying and unable to attack him, this means that the owner of the dream will be cured if he is sick, or he will be freed from his prison and also pay off all his debts.

Places of evil in seeing strange animals in a dream

  • If a person sees an unfamiliar and strange animal in a dream, the vision may indicate illness and extreme fatigue for the dream owner.
  • If this strange animal is black, then this is evidence of the treachery of one of the people surrounding the person who saw him and his injury.
  • Seeing strange animals that look like mice, but they are not like that in a person’s house in a dream, indicates the possibility of the presence of magic in the dream owner’s house, as well as the presence of harmful people in this house.
  • As for seeing cows in unusual colors such as white and gray, this indicates unexpected difficulties and problems that afflict the dream owner.
  • Seeing birds chirping like frogs instead of chirping in a dream. This indicates that a person has heard the sad news and the occurrence of painful things that the dream owner hears about a topic.
  • As for seeing strange behaviors of animals, such as a cat stinging a person, like what a snake does, that means changing the behavior of a friend of his, and turning him into a traitor who plots against the visionary.

Evil in seeing strange animals in a dream

  • If a person sees the mating of different types of animals from each other, this indicates the contradiction of the dream owner’s thoughts, and perhaps his solution to a problem with a stubborn and fickle opinion.
  • Seeing the monkey as a pet for the dreamer, indicates a thief entering the dreamer’s house, or it may indicate the presence of an unjust person in the dreamer’s life.
  • Seeing carnivores eating grass indicates high prices and high prices, but if the animals are herbivores but eat meat in the dream, this is evidence of treachery and hostility between the people of the dream owner.
  • Seeing savage animals that are originally pets, indicates the presence of an enemy friend of the owner of the vision, but if these animals are a rabid savage dog, it means the presence of a greedy person who denies the favor in the life of the dreamer.
  • If this animal was a wild cat, this indicates the disobedience of one of the dreamer’s sons and his departure from his will.

Seeing strange animals in a dream may indicate good as it may indicate evil, and this depends on the events and the situation in which these animals are located, and in the end, these dreams maybe just be a person’s fears in reality, which he imagined in the form of animals in his dream, with that he must be a believer. It is good in every evil.


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