With its bright whiteness and the joy it leaves in the souls, or with its bitter cold and imminent danger, how can one interpret seeing snow and hail in a dream? And how do dream interpreters view the symbol of snow in a dream?

The general meaning of seeing snow in a dream

When is snow in a dream good and when is it horrors and calamities?

Ibn Sirin says that snow in a dream denotes the horrors and calamities that befall the country and the people, and the same is the vision of frost, ice, and hail.

But in certain cases, snow indicates the opposite of good things, crops, and benefits, according to the details of the vision and the condition of the seer.

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi expresses the good and the benefits in explaining the vision of snow on the horrors, but he agrees with Ibn Sirin that snow is calamities in certain cases.

And that snow in a dream means healing, safety, tranquillity, mercy, purity, and pure intention, and it may indicate calamities.

Seeing snow in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that snow in the bays with the flow of torrents may indicate good things and crops, and seeing snow falling in a dream if it is in its time and places of benefit, indicates fertility, growth of plants, and abundant crops.

But if the snow did not fall in a dream at the time of its benefit and in the places of its benefit, then it indicates the injustice of the sultans, as well as the heavy snowfall at its time and other than its time, if it is mostly on the people, the country and homes, then it is an injustice from the sultans and those in authority, or an affliction befalls the common people and their livelihood, and Allah Know.

Snow falling in homes or shops indicates diseases, calamities, and death, and this vision may indicate the disruption of travel and travel, and the like of snow in a dream, which may also indicate skin.

And whoever sees snow descending on him in a dream, his vision may indicate a journey that involves hardship, and feeling cold in a dream from snow indicates poverty.

And the snow falling directly on the seer may be a victory for the enemy, for if he was covered with snow, he was overwhelmed by worries.

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi adds that the snow in the dream in its time is a compulsion to envy and subjugation to the enemies, and in untimely cold diseases such as haemorrhoids and paralysis, or the disruption of the work of couriers and travellers, and Al-Nabulsi agrees with Ibn Sirin in the rest of the cases.

And about snow falling in a dream

Natural snowfall in a dream is a mercy from Allah Almighty, and heavy snowfall in a dream is sustenance for the servants. As for seeing snow falling with storms, it is specific mercy and general affliction, and Allah knows best.

Also, seeing snow falling with rain indicates Allah’s mercy on His servants. As for seeing snow covering homes and streets, it is all good for people. Seeing snow at its right time is a provision from Allah, and snow falling at its wrong time is a disease.

Seeing snow covering the seer denotes injustice being subjected to him by the ruler while seeing snow over clothes in a dream indicates toil and work. Patience and closeness to Allah.

Seeing snow in a colour other than white in a dream

if the snow is red, it denotes torment from Allah, and the black snow in the dream is tyranny and corruption, and the green snow is an understanding and the yellow snow is a disease.

Seeing snow with blood in a dream denotes murder and wars, just as seeing snow made of gold, silver or diamonds indicates the temptations of this world, and snow falling in the desert is approaching the end of time. As for snow falling in the sea, corruption appears on land and sea with what people’s hands have earned.

Seeing collecting snow in a dream indicates an apology and a return to Allah, and whoever sees that he collects snow in a bag or bowl, apologizes for his mistakes and returns them.

Seeing the melting snow

The melting of snow in a dream, according to the interpretation of Ibn Sirin, indicates the disappearance of worries, and whoever was covered in snow in a dream was overwhelmed by worries and distress.

And about seeing the snow melting, that the melting of snow in a dream, in general, may be interpreted as purity, and it may be interpreted as the departure of worry.

The melting of snow at the time of its usual melting is purity from the juvenile, although the melting of snow without harm indicates the disappearance of anxiety, as seeing the melting of snow with torrents indicates worries that inherited diseases.

And the melting of snow on the green land is an increase in its greenness. As for the melting of snow on fallow land or a cemetery, it indicates a sermon that the seer was not taught, and seeing the melting of snow or cold for drinking is evidence of benefit and lesson.

Hail in a dream

Falling hailstones in a dream, if it does not result in harm to people or crops, then there is no harm in them while awake, and it may indicate fertility and goodness, as Ibn Sirin says. And hail fell in homes, markets, and stores, and if it has harmed, then it is epidemics and calamities.

Seeing collecting hailstones in a dream, if the gathering is not in that in which water is collected, and then it is a fear for livelihood, money, and trade. He cannot save and all he earns goes.

But whoever collects hail in a dream and his gathering is numbered, then it is money, sustenance, or pearls.

And about seeing cold in a dream

Cold falling at a different time in the dream indicates high prices, and seeing the cold in its normal size indicates a regular livelihood, as for seeing large hailstones in a dream, unexpected worries.

And hail falls along with harm as a punishment from Allah, and whoever sees that hail hit him and kills him in a dream may be killed by bullets because the wound at the beginning is cold and Allah knows best.

And seeing hailstones made of gold great worries and misfortunes will go away, Allah willing.

Seeing snow and cold in the dream

Feeling cold in a dream indicates poverty, and the same is true of ice unless the dreamer has frozen water in a container, so the dream indicates the money that he collects and remains – Ibn Sirin.

Seeing snow and fire together denotes love and intimacy, according to the interpretation of Nabulsi.

Eating snow in a dream generally indicates healing and mercy, and eating snow falling from the sky is a request for healing and supplication, and eating ice or artificial snow in a dream indicates a request for help from something.

Drinking frozen water in a dream generally swallows sorrows and bears them with patience.

Collecting cold in a bowl or container indicates counting and collecting errors, and freezing water in containers or containers of inanimate life and its end.

Other cases of seeing snow and cold in the dream

Seeing snow for a woman is the same as for a man. As for death due to snow in a dream, it is feared that the pregnant woman at the time of her delivery will suffer from uterine spasm.

Seeing a snowman in a dream indicates that there is no lesson in what Allah intended.

Sleeping on snow in a dream indicates adherence, according to Ibn Sirin, and the interpreter of dreams adds that seeing sleep on snow indicates heedlessness of repentance.

Whoever dreams that he is buried in the snow may die in a war, he does not know why he was killed and how he was killed, and death by freezing is an incurable disease.

The vision of snow for the poor is his patience, and for the rich does not pay his zakat, and Allah provides him with tyranny, snow for the ruler is his arrogance and tyranny, and the prisoner has his worries, and the patient has his complaints and groans, as for seeing snow in a dream for the believer, it is his test, and the infidel has calamities, and the little faith has positions and lessons.

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