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Interpretation seeing a dog in a dream

Interpretation seeing a dog in a dream

Some may see dogs in their dreams, and the interpretation of seeing a dog in a dream varies according to the seer’s social and psychological condition, as well as the color, shape and type of dog, and whether it is a pet or ferocious dog, and we will learn with you all the Interpretation seeing a dog in a dream for Imam Ibn Sirin and Nabulsi for both men and women.

Interpretation seeing a dog in a dream

Ibn Sirin says that seeing a dog in a dream may indicate weak enemies with little virility, and it also symbolizes the promoters of heresy and those who invent and follow them, and seeing dogs also refers to tyrants or foolish men.

As for Nabulsi, he believes that seeing a dog in a dream refers to the stingy and scarce man, and also believes that it is a reference to the humiliated people, or the foolish man who dares to disobey God Almighty.

A dog in a dream

There are many explanations and interpretations of seeing a dog in a dream, which are the following:

  • Seeing a dog indicates a half-hearted and cold enemy.
  • It also denotes a bad servant or a greedy man.
  • As for wild dogs, they symbolize a man without values and morals.
  • Seeing stray dogs on the streets indicates thieves.
  • As for the rabid dog, it refers to a bandit.
  • As for those who see themselves killing a dog, they symbolize the seer’s dialogue and discussion of fools.
  • And a dog slaughtered in a dream indicates ignorance and the distance of the seer from logic.
  • And the dog Elite signifies a vile character and a malicious heart.
  • Seeing a large dog in a dream is a sign that the seer has a great knowledge but does not work with it.
  • As for the little dog, it means a mean and malicious boy.
  • A female dog in a dream signifies a woman who has no opinion.
  • And the white dog in a dream symbolizes the playful boy who was raised by his father with forbidden money and sahat.
  • As for black dogs, they refer to demons.
  • And the gray dog refers to the foolish and hypocritical man.
  • As for those who watch the dog bark in a dream, it symbolizes fever and disease.
  • Seeing the dog attack the seer and tear his clothes apart may be a sign of a lack of seer.
  • The saliva of a dog in a dream indicates that the seer hears poisoned and bad words from his enemies that cause him sadness.
  • Amar seeing the offering of food to the dog is an increase and capacity in the livelihood hopefully.
  • A dog bite in a dream indicates the pain and hardship that the seer receives from the enemy.

Interpretation of the dog’s raya in a man’s dream

  • If a single young man watches him play with dogs without fear of them, it is a sign of the goodness and stability that he will enjoy.
  • Seeing a pet dog in a dream next to the seer is evidence that the owner of the dream has a loyal and loyal friend, always supportive and supportive of him who feels comfortable and safe with him.
  • Seeing a man play with a dog may also indicate that he will marry a non-Muslim wife.
  • The lion dog may refer to the seer’s misconduct that causes his family and friends to distance himself from him.
  • Watching an ugly dog in a dream is evidence that there is a person in the life of a seer who has grudges against him, hates him and tries to harm him.
  • Seeing predatory dogs chasing the seer is a sign that there are spiteful people who want to harm him and he should avoid them and be careful.
  • A dog bite may indicate defeat from enemies.
  • As for seeing a female pet dog, it refers to a good, faithful wife who is loyal to her husband and protects her home and husband.
  • If a married man sees him playing with a female dog, he indicates that there is a notorious woman trying to harm the person.’

The dog in a single dream

A dog’s vision of a single girl may indicate the presence of haters and enemies surrounding her.

As for the female dog in a single dream, it is a sign that there is a woman in the life of this girl who shows her friendliness of friendship but is in fact the most hostile to her.

And the black dog signifies a malicious person in the life of a girl and she does not know about him.

A white dog indicates the presence of a person in the girl’s life between whom a friendship will be established, but it will not be completed by marriage.

As for the gray dog, it is evidence of injustice against this girl.

As for the red dog, it indicates the danger surrounding the girl.

A brown dog in a dream of a bachelor signifies her vulnerability to envy.

Seeing a dog in a married dream

If a married woman sees a small dog in a dream, this indicates that she will be pregnant soon hopefully, but if she sees herself feeding a dog, it is a sign of a lot of good and abundant livelihood for her.

Seeing a dog in a married woman’s dream may indicate that there are some people, including family, friends and relatives, who hate her well, and want to break up her family.

What does it mean to see a dog in a pregnant dream?

Seeing a dog in a pregnant dream indicates that some haters in her life want to harm her.

If a woman sees a dog eating her baby or trying to kill him, she is warned that there is someone who wants to kill her child or fetus and she should be careful.

Seeing the pregnant woman survive the dog is evidence that she has survived the damage and harm, but if she does not survive it is an indication of the presence of harm that may be caused to the seer.

Interpretation of seeing a dog in a dream of an absolute

If a divorced woman sees that she feeds small dogs in her home, it is evidence of the strength of this woman and her ability to face all the problems she faces and overcome them, no matter how difficult they are.

If she sees that her ex-husband (her ex-husband) is playing with ferocious dogs, it is an indication that her decision to separate from this husband is correct, as he was neither honest nor loyal to her.


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