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Drowning in a dream

Drowning in a dream

Drowning is one of the disturbing visions that cause great concern to many people, and it leads to many destructive interpretations and interpretations, and we will learn with you in this article about the interpretation of drowning in a dream.

Interpretation of drowning in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Drowning in a dream in the event that the seer dives into the depths of the sea and then ascends to the surface, it indicates the attainment of a great position.

The house was flooded with water, as it indicates some of the problems and worries that the seer suffers from.

The sinking of the house from the inside so that the water covers the seer’s head is a sign of the many problems that surround it.

Seeing drowning in a dream but without death indicates a great position, or success with distinction if a student but needs to work hard.

Feeling of distress and suffocation Eden drowning is evidence of the seer’s distance from God and following Satan and fancy.

Drowning in a dream indicates sins and sins.

Or a lot of problems, worries and sorrows that surround the seer.

Seeing a child drown in a dream

If a mother sees a child drowning in a dream, it indicates her constant and severe fear and anxiety for her children.

If a mother sees that her child is drowning in water, it indicates that she cares for him and gives him great care.

It also indicates her fear of diseases and great interest in him, even from family and close ones.

What does it mean to see a shipwreck in a dream?

The sinking of the ship may indicate the distress of livelihood right now, but God will then make a relief.

Seeing a ship in a dream refers to money and real estate from a bit, a sharker, or land owned by the seer.

The seer’s survival from drowning is a salvation for his money and property, while drowning is a warning to him to be careful in everything.

What does it mean to see a car sinking in a dream?

Seeing the car sink is a warning to the visionary that he is walking the wrong path, whether behaviorally, morally or financially.

He should also be careful not to put his money in unreliable places and people.


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